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When looking for an online loan, you can be sure that you will have a quick and painless application process. Online loan providers do not scan your finances as thoroughly as employees of traditional banking branches. As a result, your application is processed much faster, and you can expect an almost immediate response and instant payment.

What you intend to spend your loan on depends only on you, so you do not have to explain your intentions, just as you are not obliged to secure your loan. This is especially beneficial if you need money quickly, because loans from traditional banks are usually paid out after a long waiting period.

Online loan

Online loan

Borrowing money online is easy, fast and secure. All loan companies that you can find at Many are under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. This way you can be sure that you will not fall victim to fraud.

What to look for

The interest rate given in various loan offers is just the starting point for the right personalized interest rate, which you will get after submitting the application to the lender. In return, the loan company will make a proposal tailored to your needs and requirements that you can decide to accept. Due to the above operating system, Many Bankis recommends submitting applications to at least three different lenders, thanks to which you will receive several offers from which you can choose. When comparing individual offers and their costs, remember to pay attention to what is printed in small print.

To compare loans, you do not need to have specialized banking knowledge or be fluent in the language of finance. Just understand what the APRC is. The actual annual interest rate is a term used to refer to the various costs you borrow from borrowing money. It is expressed as a percentage of the loan amount, per annum. The costs included in the APRC include, for example, administrative fees, interest and many one-off costs, including:

  • Handling fees;
  • Documentation costs;
  • Preparation fees;
  • Registration fees.

The above one-off fees often differ significantly from one loan company to another, which makes it difficult to compare offers with each other. Therefore, the APRC is a key tool in choosing the most favorable loan among the many options available. Remember this solution whenever you try to compare loans on the Many Bankis website.

An instant way to get a loan

Borrowing money online is extremely fast and easy. The whole process is fast, you do not have to make an appointment with a bank adviser. In addition, with online loans, you don’t have to secure your loan or explain why you choose it.

Why do non-bank online companies and banks offer different interest rates?

Unfortunately, money is not borrowed for free. If you take out a consumer loan, at a bank or online, you must pay interest and commissions. Therefore, you always have to pay back more than you borrowed. Many online consumer loans have a higher interest rate than bank loans. This is due to the greater risk taken by online businesses when borrowing money without the certainty that the borrower is able to pay it back with interest. When you decide on a consumer loan via the internet, you do not have to secure the loan, while using the bank’s services, you must pledge your apartment or car. That is why Internet companies are taking a much greater risk than traditional banks, which is reflected in the interest rate. In addition, with a traditional loan, you need to share your annual accounts, income certificates and other required documents while the bank scans your finances. In this way, the institution ensures that it grants a loan to a reliable person who is able to pay off the debt, thus minimizing the risk of borrowing money. The interest rate is therefore closely linked to the risk that the bank or non-bank firm undertakes to grant the loan.

Loan Amount and intended use

Loan Amount and intended use

The amount of your loan must be tailored to your needs, so when you decide on a loan, it is very important to use common sense. This means that you should not borrow more than exactly what you need. Remember that a higher loan amount means higher monthly fees. If you lack cash every day, we have some useful tips for you:

  • Free your funds thanks to lower bills – check if you are overpaying for your home internet, think about a cheaper mobile subscription. You may be able to save on your Spotify or Netflix subscription.
  • Check out the possibilities of financial support – people who move into a new apartment are often entitled to a 5-year loan without interest.
  • Pay attention to expenses – sometimes it is difficult to see how easy it is to use a payment card to buy often unnecessary items. Try to plan your expenses in order not to expose yourself to numerous temptations.

If you need a loan, use the Many Bankis comparison tool and make sure you choose the cheapest solution among the offers available on the market.



If you want to get a loan at your bank’s outlet, be prepared for a detailed x-ray of your finances and numerous questions about the purpose of the loan. In addition, you must secure your loan. Online pairbanks operate in a different way, so they don’t ask you to secure a loan or ask you what purpose you are going to spend your money on. However, there are several requirements that you must meet if you want to get a loan online:

  • You must be an adult and must be at least 18 years old;
  • You must confirm your identity with a valid photo ID, e.g. ID card or passport;
  • You cannot be registered in the debt database (KRD, BIK);
  • An additional advantage is the stable source of income.

You must be at least 18 years old (to be an adult) to sign a legally binding contract. Due to the changing financial situation for students and younger people, the number of available options is very limited for people aged 18-25. Many Bankis has taken this into account, allowing you to tailor searches to the age of the customer, so you can check all the loans you are eligible for. In addition, stable income is an advantage.

You can sign a loan agreement online without leaving your home, as all formalities are handled electronically. You just need to confirm your identity with a valid document, e.g. an ID card. Then a loan company employee will contact you to confirm the order. This way you can be sure that no one is borrowing on your behalf. A stable financial situation works in your favor, and a non-bank company assessing your application will certainly take this into account. Fixed income gives you greater financial possibilities, which means that the probability of paying off the loan on time is definitely higher. You can also get better loan terms (including lower interest rates and lower commissions) if you apply for it together with your spouse.

One-time loan

One-time loan

As the name suggests, this is a solution that allows you to pay off all your debt with one installment. This means that throughout the entire duration of the contract you pay interest and taxes, while paying the loan amount in full only at the very end.

What is the characteristic of a one-time loan?

What is the characteristic of a one-time loan?

This type of loan is characterized by installments that only cover interest. Only after the maturity date has the loan capital been fully repaid via one payment.

Are you registered in debt?

It may be really difficult for unlucky people who have landed in the debt base to find a loan. The word “debtor” accompanying a person’s surname drastically reduces their chances of getting money because most companies find this too high a risk.

Nevertheless, there are companies that lend money to people on the debt base, which is done at an extremely high interest rate. Therefore, these types of contracts can have deplorable consequences for borrowers. If you take another loan despite your circumstances, you can ruin your finances. For this reason, you will not find loan companies that offer loans without BIK in the Many Bankis listings. Instead, we recommend dealing with the debts that led you to BIK lists, so you can remove your name from the registry.

Online loans without BIK

For people registered in BIK, obtaining a loan is a challenge. On Many we do not include any company that offers loans to people entered in the debt database. However, we recommend that you focus on paying off your existing commitments to get out of the list of debtors first.

Be Sensed

Be Sensed

If you want to get a loan online, you must remember that many benefits do not come for free. Various commissions, interest and preparation fees are usually higher than for a traditional bank loan. So be realistic in terms of your financial situation, loan amount and repayment period. Try our loan calculator, which will help you estimate monthly installments and expenses related to a given loan.

We encourage you to create a budget for your finances so that you can get an overview of the savings that are at your disposal at the end of each month. Remember not to borrow more than you need. Measure your intentions when it comes to paying back your debt over a given period. Nowadays, almost anyone can borrow money for any purpose. However, do not forget to use common sense and make sure you have sufficient funds to pay off your loan on time.

The best online loan

The best online loan is one with a low APRC and a low interest rate. APRC is an indicator that describes a loan as cheap or expensive. The lower the APRC, the cheaper the loan in general. You can also find a cheap loan by finding the lowest interest rate.

How do banks calculate loans for housing?

How do banks calculate loans for housing?

Banks check various parameters before deciding to grant you a loan for your dream apartment. Among other things, they assess the value of willingness to pay (WTP) and creditworthiness. This means that banks are looking at your financial history and verifying your overdraft, income or current debt. Institutions are looking at these parameters to gain insight into your financial situation. Neat finances will increase your chances of getting a loan. The bank will also pay attention to your solvency and whether you are able to manage your current expenses. For this reason, you must provide documents regarding your salary, home budget and regular expenses. The bank then assesses your assets, e.g. Savings, your debts and available funds. This way, it ensures that you have the money needed to pay off your loan monthly.

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